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The Jolly English Level 1 Pupil Set is part of the Jolly English programme that combines English vocabulary and phonics to give children the best start. It has been carefully developed and sequenced for pre-school children who have little or no English. The course can be completed in a year and comes in two levels with each providing 44 lessons.

The Jolly English Level 1 Pupil Set contains 1 of each of:

A colour pupil book with stickers, for children to work through in the classroom to reinforce the lesson.
A black and white practice book, which provides children with further opportunities to revise and consolidate the teaching. These can be used in class or at home.

Detailed lesson plans and guidance for each of the pages in the pupil and practice books can be found in the teacher’s book. The topics in Level 1 are:

My Garden
My Day
My School
At the Beach
At the Farm
A Day Out
At Home

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